Departing Chicago Midway for Philadelphia Airport

Boarding Southwest Airlines at Chicago Midway.  MDW  A delay due to eastern ATC (Air Traffic Control) delays.  This was Southwest's first week operating at Philadelphia Airport and is why I took advantage of the $69 introductory fare.  I have to take a bus to Chicago Midway, but the ride isn't that to get the cheap fights.

Take-off from Midway Airport looking at downtown Chicago and the Sear's Tower.

Another view of downtown Chicago in the haze.

A view where Chicago Meigs Airport used to be prior to the criminal activity of Mayor Daley.

Closer view of the former Meigs Field.

Closer view yet of the former Meigs Field and Navy Pier.

On top a layer of cumulonimbus clouds.

One more of the cumulonimbus clouds.

The Delaware River as we approach Philadelphia Airport.

The Delaware River as we approach Philadelphia Airport.

  Lower over the Delaware River, looking at the green cargo bay area of that barge.

Another boat and some docks as we are about to land at Philadelphia Airport.

Seeing a road, fuel storage tanks and a boat in the river.


Touch down on Runway I believe on 9R.

Taxing past the Control Tower and a bunch of US Air Gates.

  Looks like US Air has most of the gates at this airport, Southwest gates way at the end in Terminal E.




Philadelphia landmark, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is the nation's third-largest art museum. Majestically overlooking the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.  Sylvester Stallone made this place famous during the filming of the "Rocky Movie".

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