"More than Just Ice Cream".  It was more, since I had a strawberry sundae.

Finishing up the ice cream outside.

 "More Than Just Ice Cream" Store Front.

City Hall not that far away, lets take the Orange Line instead.

Walking a few blocks west to the  Broad Street Station

Going down the stairs to catch the subway.

Brittany still eating her ice cream while waiting to catch the subway to dwontown.




  Catching the Orange Line north to the City Hall Station.

Catching the eastbound line to Spring Street Station from City Hall.

Wall 15th Station subway map schedule map.


Waiting at the platform for the eastbound train.

Some of the station wall decorating, along with the schedule route maps.

  Boarding the train eastbound.

  Brittany enjoying her 4th train ride of the day.

 The veteran nonchalant city commuters sitting in the seat ahead of me.

 Coming out from the underground to above ground.

Off the train off the Spring Street Station destination.

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