Benjamin Franklin Bridge to Camden, NJ, as seen from the Spring Street Train Station platform

Brittany in front of the parking ramp "Dave and Busters" sign.

This one includes the entire sign.

 Inside "Dave and Busters", Britt has her tickets and is eager to gamble.

Playing the machines at "Dave and Busters."

They have a nice TV set-up above the bar.

Brittany's chocolate milk, while waiting for the food to arrive.

Melinda looking at the kids gambling at the machines.

Time to head home.  Philadelphia Southwest Airlines "E Gates".

Note the balloons decorations, celebrating the first week inauguration operating at Philadelphia Airport.


  My plane has arrived at the E9 Gate.

Note the passengers staking out the respective A, B, or C un assigned seat boarding system process.

Take-off from Runway 9R.




  You can see some of the other runways at the top of picture.

  Heading south, kind of looking for Penn's Grove, NJ.

  Getting hazy as we start to climb.



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