Lon and Britt looking at pigeons feeding on crumbs, I don't know what Melinda is looking at.

Getting that Cheese Whiz infusion.  Would you like a little steak with that cheese?

The next day at "Penn's Landing"  Melinda and Brittany, after parking the car at "Dave and Busters".

Diane and Brittany in front of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

A fat weirdo in front of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

"Benjamin Franklin Bridge" of the Philly side of the river.

I guess this was a Hooter's Boat.

 Benjamin Franklin Bridge

Penn's Landing stretches along the Delaware River for about 10 blocks from Vine Street to South Street. The location where William Penn, Philadelphia's founder, first arrived in fall of 1682, aboard the ship "Welcome".  This area became the center of Philly's maritime and business activity. Today it is a riverside park and the place where people come in the summer to hear music.

Hooter's looks abandoned.

Walking to "El" subway station.


  "Penn's Landing Outdoor Music Stage"

Waiting to catch the "Market and Frankford" train.

At the Spring Garden stop, waiting for the train arrive.


This train is taking longer than expected, well at least they have a bench to sit on.

A view of the Philly skyline from the train station.

  Lon looking for that train.

  "Benjamin Franklin Bridge" as seen from the train station.

  Capturing the "Spring Garden" train station sign.

 Where is that train anyway?

A view looking down the tracks for the train.

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