We are taking the "Blue Line" from Spring Garden to the 30th Street stop.  They all indulged me with a longer train ride and an Amtrak station familiarization side trip.

Brittany's first train ride.  Have to make it a longer ride than just to downtown.

 Off the subway at the 30th Street Station.

A short walk over to Philadelphia Union Station for lunch.

Checking out Philadelphia's Union Station.  Not as big or nice as Washington DC's.

The big halls with marble columns seem to be common in these historic big train stations.

The train schedule status board.  The Amtrak Acela trains are the new high speed trains popular in the northeast.

The hard wood benches which are mounted on the marble wall and sub pedestals.

From Union Station walking across the street to the subway station.  You would think they would have an underground connection walkway between the stations, but they don't.


  The exterior marble columns of Philadelphia's Union Station.

After lunch, walking back across the street to the subway station.

Catching the subway to the heart of the city.


Brittany checking out the schedules.

Brittany seems to be enjoying her 2nd train ride and the role of a big city subway commuter.

  Is it Annie Leibovitz?  No it's Diane with the camera.

  They'll let Brittany pose with anyone.

  Picture time before exiting Downtown Station.

 At Downtown Station, climbing the stairs to street level.

Coming out of the Downtown Station is exactly where we want to be, to catch the tour bus.  The buggy tour will have to wait.

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