Fort Worth, TX stop.

I got off to snap a few pictures of this station area.

One more picture with the Forth Worth, TX sign in front of my train coach car.

 Going by the George W. Bush property.  You can see the "Crawford, Texas water tower in the distance, off to the trains right side.

McGregor, Texas.  this is the train stop you would get off at if you were invited to the Texas White house.

Bush Ranch.

Another view of the Bush Ranch.

A look back at the McGregor Station.

McGregor, Texas Amtrak Station stop.  As you can it isn't exactly like Grand Central, Penn or Washington DC's Union Station's.  This is the last picture of the day.  I have to dine early, since the dining car staff are getting off at Austin.

A map illustrating my early morning walk from the Day's Inn Motel to the Alamo and River Walk. 

It's early morning and this huge statue catches ones attention, located in front of the "Alamo.  It is the "The Spirit of Sacrifice Cenotaph" or "Alamo Cenotaph".  This is my first picture of the day. The Amtrak Texas Eagle took forever getting into San Antonio earlier this morning.  It was a couples hours late, due to the long delays before and after Austin, TX.  It took about a hour just to wind around San Antonio into the station.  It was sort interesting seeing much of San Antonio's, while crawling 1-3 miles per hour through the residential and business  back alley ways.

  The base of the sculpture is 12 feet by 40 feet and it rises to a height of 60 feet.  The memorial stone is constructed of gray Georgia marble which is mounted on a slab base of pink Texas granite.

This picture illustrates the scale of the Cenotaph when contrasted to the front of the Alamo.

The north side of the Cenotaph and the wall of the Alamo.  Gives perspective to the scale of the Cenotaph.

West side of monument with portrait statues of William B. Travis and David Crocket and 8 other Alamo defenders.

Apparently the names of the 183-250 Alamo defenders are inscribed around this pedestal.

  Another picture of the apparent names of the 183-250 Alamo defenders inscribed on the pedestal.  I don't know what resource was used to obtain these names, since the Mexicans burned all but one of the corpses, not much record keeping there at that time..

  Davy Crockett's Tall Tales, One of the 3 newest attractions across the street from the Alamo.  Web Site

Ripley's Believe It Not"

Guinness Book of World Records Museum".

The "Spirit of Sacrifice Cenotaph" a/k/a "Alamo Cenotaph", by Pompeo Coppini

It was erected in 1939 by the Texas Centennial Commission.  It is located in front of the Alamo, on S. Alamo and E. Crockett Streets. This south facing rising tomb has an idealistic figure which is 23 feet long.

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