East side portrait statues of James Bowie and James B. Bonham and 8 others, honoring the Alamo defenders.

Another eastern side view.  Jim Bowie known for his Bowie knife was from Kentucky.  Jim Bonham was from South Carolina.

A north eastern side view where you can see the lady facing north.

A woman facing north holding garland surrounding the shields of Texas, symbolizing the state of Texas.

North side pedestal inscription of the Alamo memorial statue.

Tower of the America's. It is 750 ft. tall, offers a panoramic view of San Antonio.  I would liked to have gone up there, but it open until 11:00 AM and I would have missed my flight back.

Those walls must have been well built to stand the test of time.

Front of the "Alamo Mission".

The old and the new in the same neighborhood.

Some Alamo history information.

  It's not open yet, I'll have time to eat a quick breakfast and walk the River Front and then come back.

Outside the Alamo.

Another view outside the Alamo.

"Crocket Fountain"

"Crocket Fountain"

  The outside Alamo wall and the Crocket Fountain.

  I had breakfast at Mc Donald's.  Doesn't look like a McDonalds does it?  Those  sausage and cheese Mc Muffins hit the spot.

 Torch of Friendship Statue made by sculptor Sebastian

 A gift to San Antonio from the Association of Mexican Entrepreneurs.

Torch of Friendship Statue, 50 tons of steel.

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