River Walk Street Car Station.

I'm wondering, is this wide enough to be called a river?  Isn't Lagoon more appropriate?

Walking down to the River Front from Commerce Street.

 Not many people catching a ride this early in the morning.

I think there is an open seat on there.

The River Front outdoor dining is the main reason for visiting here.

Going under a bridge.

The sidewalks are narrow in places.  I guess they didn't want to cut down those trees.

Judging by the water reflection, it looks like the sun is almost in the southeast now.

Plenty of canopied seating to enjoy a beverage and a meal.

  Doesn't look like he's making too much in tips so far.

I have to admit this place has created some natural beauty appeal.

Is this where Jim Bowie, Bill Travis and Davy Crockett ate lunch?

The doors are wide and open at most of these places.

The sidewalks, the river and in the distance, the little sidewalk bridge.

  A neat sidewalk waterfall.

  Nice botanical landscaping.

The plants, the boats, the water.

 Kind of handy, a way to make a big time check,

A way to get from one side of the river to the other.

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