Looks like Mexican architecture to me, but I could be wrong.

I was wrong, people do come here.

I think they have enough green, but not enough green space.

 You have to be careful where walk around here, if you are not wearing fisherman's waders.

"Rio Plaza"  - "Sidewalk Waterfall"

The stairs, to the street, that was named after the person, who said on April 21, at the Battle of San Jacinto, "Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!", Houston Street for Sam Houston.  His army of 910 defeated Santa Anna's 1,250 army, which kind of paved the way for Texas Independance.

Mad Dogs looks like it could be a fun place to consume a few pints.

Waiter please!

River Walk Map

I would have liked to have the time to ride this around town, but I don't.  Web Site

  Street Car Route Map

"Alamo Plaza Gazebo"

The Alamo should be open now, I'm making my way back, I wonder if they use this for any functions, like music.

People are waiting outside, not quite open yet.

The gates are open now.

  The big Oak tree and well in the center of the inside yard of the Alamo.

Recognition Plaque for persons instrumental in preserving this historic place.

 Another Recognition Plaque.

Lest We Forget Clara

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