Walkways and entrances to some of the museum display rooms.

Recognizing Gonzales for contributing 32 of his men in assisting Lieutenant Colonel William Travis efforts to defend this place.

Looking at the big oak tree and well, from within the inside yard looking out the entrance gate of the Alamo.

 This lady gave a very polished presentation of the history of the Alamo.  It was amplified through-out the Alamo.  At first, I thought it was a recorded presentation for everyone to hear, but discovered it was a live performance.  Impressed, flawless.

You can see some of the cannons near to where these people are sitting for the presentation.

Stage right you can see another cannon.  Also, can see a parked tour bus outside the wall.

Both cannons that are stage right.

She continued her presentation, a lot of memorized information.

Some museum displays inside here.

Information sign.

  Another view of the presentation area.

Chronological History Boards.

Chronological History Boards.

Chronological History Boards.

Chronological History Boards.

  Chronological History Boards.

  Chronological History Boards.

I am waiting to be interviewed by the news crew about my trip to the Alamo.  Just kidding.


Emily Morgan Hotel across from the Alamo.  Emily Morgan

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