My First Las Vegas Trip

Boarding Chicago Express at Madison (MSN) Airport SABB 340 aircraft to Midway (MDW) Airport.   I bookded ATA Airlines with the Chicago Express connection because it was the cheapest fare at the time and I had always wanted to fly-in to Chicago Midway.

On the Midway Airport Shuttle Bus to the Midway Terminal from the Chicago Express ramp.  The bus driver could have used some instruction on how to apply the brakes smoothly.  Several abrupt stops on the way to the terminal, testing everyone's balance and ability to hold on.  This practice would come in handy later on riding the "Bucking Bull" at Gilley's Lounge at the Frontier.

 ATA Airlines arrived at McCarran Las Vegas Airport Terminal 2.  I had 10 minutes to get it over to the Main Terminal and the "All State" ticket counter to pick-up my "Wayne Newton Show" ticket, before they would sell it to someone else.  I made with it just in time with 5 minutes to spare.  I then caught a shuttle van service out front of the terminal building to the Koval Street Super 8.  At this time I did not know that Super 8 had a free shuttle service to their motel, if you call them.  I used their free service on many occasions during subsequent trips to Las Vegas.  Super 8 shuttle service picks you up from Ground Zero, not the first level like the others.  I like this service because it's free, (I tip $5) and you go straight to the motel with-out detouring to all the other hotels.

This is the first Vegas photo I took from the Super 8 motel parking lot after the shuttle van dropped me off, looking across the street at the back side of "Bally's.  Bally's was the former MGM that had that tragic fire back in 1981. 

 After checking into my Super 8 motel it was time to experience "Vegas Baby", seeing what the "Famous Las Vegas Strip" looked like.  As a fate of luck for this karaokeholic, I saw this Ellis Island sign right next door to the Super 8,  I went inside to check it out and ordered a hamburger for lunch.  I would be back to check-out the Karaoke later this night and pretty much every night that I am in Vegas.  One of my favorite spots, fairly good karaoke, cheap Miller Lite, and in crawling distance of my room.

Looking south down Koval Ave, capturing the Ellis Island Casino sign.

Walking west on the south side walk of Flamingo. towards Bally's.

In front of "Paris".

The Vegas "Eiffel Tower".  On a subsequent Vegas trip, I would visit the top of this.  Never having an inkling or thought at the time, would I know, I'd be visiting the top of the real "Eiffel Tower" a few years later. 

The huge electronic plasma billboard at the "Bally's" Strip and Flamingo corner.  The Billboard has piped outside sound for everyone to hear.  It is a busy corner with the the over the street pedestrian walk-ways on all 4 intersection corners.

I was going to the escalator entrance to "Bally's", but more like a "Speed Walk" to be correct.

  A picture looking south down at Las Vegas Boulevard, or "The Strip".  Paris on the left and NY - NY in the distant right.  This picture was taken from the over street walk-way between Bally's and the Bellagio.

Looking at the northwest corner of the Strip and Flamingo and "Ceasar's Palace".  As you can see this was in the construction site prep phase for their new towers and Shop Forums.  The huge project is completed now and your wouldn't recognize this corner.

From the "Bellagio" southeast corner of the (Strip and Flamingo), looking across at the Flamingo and Barbary Coast Hotel/Casinos.


"Caesar's Palace" was small if you compare to its size now.

"Bally's", the former MGM and home of the "Jubilee Show Girls".

  Squint your eyes some more, that sun is bright and hot.

  A nice view of "Bally's" and "Paris".

  6Looking south down the "Strip", noting the "Caesar's Palace" construction site right below.

 The Celine Dion Billboard at the Caesar's Palace Coliseum, which was built for her show. It would take 3 to 4 subsequent Vegas trips before I would attend her show there.

A view of Harrah's and the Imperial Palace.

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