Fremont Street - Friday, September 12, 2014

Julia Rose Gruenberg
Fremont Street - Friday, September 12, 2014, 7:22 P.M. Vegas Time, 9:22 P.M. Wisconsin Time.
This is a 10 year old street performer. YouTube credits her as an: "Actress, Model, Dancer, Singer and, Pianist".
Quite the crowd was gathering around her. She was getting everyone to to place their hands at the proper height, so she could run
the crowd arc and "High 5" everyone.  She did the brief  up tempo "Fur Elise" excerpt.  She had a brief repertoire of some fast
arpeggios.  Her "Finale" was doing a right hand fast ascending chromatic scale while trilling in the left hand and turning her body and rotating her hands behind and above her, switching hands while doing  the "Leg Splits",  but always having one hand trilling.  She ended with a short series of chord arpeggios while doing quick 360 degree body spin during a chord change.  She reminded everyone, "Please leave a "Tip" ........"I Love To Buy Clothes". 

From a video clip, a contortionist street performer.  This guy must have born with a spinal column put in backwards.


Amazingly good jazz saxophone player, playing solo to recorded background music.
I remember seeing him around 10 years ago on Fremont Street, he's a little older but still going strong.

Fremont and 4 Queens Casinos

Fremont and 4 Queens Casinos
Was getting a little hungry, and I was not far from the "Heart Attack Grill".
I couldn't handled another burger and spanking again.  I had a Gyro at the Kabob Korner instead. It was really tasty .

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