Taken Sunday, September 13, 2014, at 1:14.P.M. or 3:14 P.M. Wisconsin Time
Parked at the Grand Canyon West Airport "1G4" Ramp, after arriving from "VGT" North Las Vegas Airport
Upon arrival made a right close right traffic pattern for a south landing on Runway 17.

Dennis Murray, West Air ATP, CFI |  Grand Canyon West "1G4" Ramp

.West Air's Cessna Skyhawk R172E / T-41B  N98189
It's not your typical C-172.  Cessna built 255 of this particular T-41B series production model for the United States Air force,
to be be utilized as their primary student trainer.  It has a 210 horsepower Continental IO-360 engine,
constant speed propeller, extended fuel tank, modified for STOL (short takeoff and landing) configuration.
It has an upgraded King Avionics stack, including a King KMD-150 Color Multi-Function Display interfaced with
King KLN-89B GPS, King 155A Nav/Com, localizer/glideslope, KT-76C Mode C encoded transponder.
1G4 has nicely paved-painted Runway and Ramp, with parking spots numbered.
I was expecting to get greeted asked for a landing fee, but never was asked. I believe landing fees are waived anyway
if you purchase a tour package. Dennis knew the gate lock combination, didn't have to ask for that.

From the 1G4 Ramp looking west at the Tour Buses and Helicopters parked near the Helipad.
There is also a Helipad at the bottom of the canyon, the helicopters fly the river in between the canyon walls.

On The Skywalk - The Main Attraction - Completed in March of 2007
Walking 4,000 feet above Land on a Glass Cantilever Horseshoe Shaped Bridge

Saturday, September 13, 2014, 2:30 P.M. or 4:30 P.M. Wisconsin Time
Posing on the "Grand Canyon Skywalk" - A northern canyon view.... with me in the way.
The photographer has you pose differently for 5 pictures.
He then gave me a numbered picture identification ticket stub to give to the Gift shop employees to bring up
my images on their computer.  These images are uploaded directly from his camera via Wireless WI-FI
directly to the Gift Shop counter computers for viewing, selecting, printing and available for purchasing.
This purchased picture is out of day's activity sequence, the afternoon started out touring the Hualapai Ranch.

From the 1G4 Ramp looking northeast toward the canyon wall

North-northeast view of the Canyon and some of GA aircraft parked on the ramp.

Some more of the Scenic Tours Twin Otter aircraft parked on the ramp.

Some of the ground transportation vehicles

Some more of the ground transportation vehicles as we are making our way to the Visitor's Center.

Posing in front of the building with a  "Welcome Sign" backdrop.

Making our way inside the Visitor's Center

Making our way to the ticket counter

Tickets purchased at 1:24 P.M. that's 3:24 P.M. Wisconsin Time - Saturday, September 13, 2014


Shuttle Bus at the Visitor's Center - Will Board it for the Hualapai Ranch, the 1st stop.

Just off the shuttle bus after arriving at the Hualapai Ranch.


Ranch's old time mining exhibit

Dance Hall - it is actually a cafeteria where we are going to have lunch after I'm done taking pictures here.
I had the BBQ Rib lunch with mashed potatoes and gravy, Diet Coke and then ruined my diet with a chocolate chip cookie.
Dennis had the baked chicken lunch. He said they used to have an old piano in here for entertainment.
It's not there anymore. It was a nice
tasty late lunch, especially after not having anything for breakfast.

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