View of some horse wagons and their corral.

Horse riding is available: 30 minutes / $37.98, 60 minutes / $59.68,  90 minutes / $81.38.

View of the horses, wagon and horse stable.

View of the surrounding terrain.

View of the Ranch's old western town buildings.

Some more of the old town buildings.

The Jail and the Hangman's Gallows.

A closer look at where some bad people have known to hang around.

Posing with the Eagle Point Informational Stone Marker

Eagle Point Inscribed Information Marker.

First of many views around Eagle Point.

Another View

Looking northward at the Skywalk from the Eagle Point area.


Skywalk Building and Skywalk view.

As close as I was willing to be brave enough to go...... in attempting to take a "down in the canyon picture".


Another one taken from the edge.

Skywalk Cafe - We already had eaten lunch at the Ranch.

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