Further away view, a bigger picture looking at the north end of Reagan National Airport  

A plane just off Runway 36, I'm kind of enjoying the free air show.  

This is as about close a person can get to one of these.  I don't feel any wake turbulence.

They now have a boat house for the rescue boats, since the Air Florida crash.  

Closer view of the boat house, which could enable a quicker rescue response effort if needed.  

Still quacking away.  

 The lady cupping her ears is evidence that the cannon blasts work on better on her than the birds.  

This camera doesn't have a zoom lens, if it did,  you would see the birds perched on the cannon barrel.  They don't flinch a bit. 

You can see the boat ramp that we are about to use.

It is time to use the wheels and drive train instead of the propeller.

 Ascending up the boat ramp, with the Washington Monument in view on the left.  

A good straight on view with the Jefferson Memorial in front of the Washington Monument. 

A closer view of the Jefferson Memorial.  I'll get there on my last day in Washington, DC.

Going by the cherry trees in the Tidal Basin area.

You can see the paddle boat rental place at the Tidal Basin.  


  The Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  This is where money is made.  Long waiting lines to this place.  

 You can see some of the tour waiting line in this picture.  

I believe is the Holocaust Museum next to the money printing place.

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