A view from Washington Metro train platform looking across at Reagan National Terminal "B".   

Washington Metro Train, Airport Station electronic informational sign.  The Yellow was coming first so I took this to Gallery Place stop to catch the Redline to Union station.

Picture of Union Station after getting off the Metro

  Picture of inside "Union Station",  Those are Roman Centurion Statues guarding the inside.

  Picture of Union Station after getting off the Metro from the airport.  In 1901 Pennsylvania and Baltimore & Ohio Railroads built this place and it physically deteriorated over the years.  This terminal was the center of Washington life and was really busy during World War II, when as many as 200,000 people would go through here each day.

  Union Station after getting off the Metro.   The station reopened after a major renovation project in 1988 with shops, food court, restaurants, and  movie theater occupying the original building.  A new Amtrak terminal was added at the rear. It seems to be Washington's busiest places as evidenced 20 million people visiting here each year.

 Picture of Union Station Directory.  The Union Station renovation results are quite impressive.  This is where all the tours originate and the Food Court has many options for eating places.  

Picture of Columbus Circle, at Union Station, looking past the Freedom Bell and Columbus statue, towards the Capitol Building.

 "Union Station's" interior and exterior upper facade are guarded by a series of Roman centurion statues. 

Waiting for DUCK to move, which was ahead of our Trolley Tour Bus in front of Unions Station.   

Looks like more people decided to board this Old Town Trolley at Union Station

Picture of  ?????? Building

Picture of   ?????? Building

Quick blurry view of the Washington Monument  

 Riding the Old Town Trolley after leaving the Columbus Circle area

Horse Statue of ????? at Columbus Circle 

 Riding the Old Trolley near Capitol Hill and 

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