Driving near the Ellipse and the Whitehouse  

"Bullfinch Gatehouse" at the Ellipse, corner of Constitution and 15th Street.  Water marks onf building from the floods of 1871 and 1881.  

Washington Monument while driving around Ellipse

A view of the Whitehouse from Old Trolley tour bus.  

Another blurry view of the Whitehouse while looking past the Ellipse  

Some Monument near the Whitehouse  

 Attempting to a quick picture of the Washington Monument

Another quick attempt to get a Whitehouse and Washington Monument picture while moving 

The AFL-CIO Building one of the first all brick buildings, Building code prevent wood buildings since the fire

Driving around the National Cathedral

 Driving around the National Cathedral  

  Driving around the National Cathedral

At the Old Trolley National Cathedral Stop.  Don't have the time to get off and tour it.

Inside the Old Trolley Bus  

  Closer view of the National Cathedral

Closer view of the National Cathedral

 The famous private school next to the National Cathedral, so famous I can't remember the name 

 Another Old Trolley Stop and Pick-up near Embassy Row

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