Walking from Thomas Jefferson Memorial Tourmobile stop, I noticed this Washington DC Park Police step van.  

First side view of the Jefferson Memorial, I'm working my way to the front.  

I'll take a look at the tidal basin first.

Another side view of the Memorial, with the impressive columns.  

A view across the Tidal Basin at the Washington Monument with a neat reflection in the water.

Another view across the Tidal Basin looking at what I believe to be the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  

 The Capitol Dome can be seen from this view.  

Finally, a front view of the Jefferson Monument and I did not get the picture centered or straight. 

Very dark inside. The camera auto settings seem to favor the penetrating outside side. It is difficult to get a good picture inside.

A very tall statue.  Again the camera adjusts the aperture to outside ambient lighting that makes its way into the room.

 Thomas Jefferson 1743-1820 statue pedestal inscription.  He was out 3rd president, serving March 4, 1801 to March 4 1809.  Aaron Burr was his first term vice president who became famous for shooting Alexander Hamilton in a Weehawken, NJ duel.  TJ died July 4, 1826 exactly 50 years after the adoption of the "Declaration of Independence".

"Inside Wall Inscriptions"  

"Inside Wall Inscriptions" 

More wall inscriptions.

More inscriptions.  

I attempted a close up head shot of the statue.  I could have really used a tall ladder for this.  

It was such a nice day, I see the Tidal Basin paddle boat rental business is picking up.  

 View of the I-66 road signage, while making my way back to the Tourmobile stop.   

One last sun glared photo of the TJ monument area, as I am making my back to the Tourmobile stop.  Next stop will be Arlington Cemetery.  I wanted to spend a more time at the Visitor's Center and find the location of the Arlington Metro Station. 

Close up view of FDR sitting in his wheel chair.

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