Arriving at the Lincoln Memorial Old Trolley stop  

My original tour bus that I just got off, I'm waiting to transfer to another bus to go to Arlington National Cemetery.  

Looking past the souvenir shop, looking toward the Lincoln Memorial.  This is as close as they permit the tour buses to get to the Lincoln Memorial, fearing additional damage to the monument from road vibrations.

Looking toward the Korean War Memorial area.  

Another view looking toward the Korean War Memorial area.  

This is the first picture I took after getting off the bus at Arlington National Cemetery.  There are more than 290,000 people interred here, Arlington National Cemetery has the second-largest number of people buried of any national cemetery in the United States.

  This is the second picture I took after getting off the bus at Arlington National Cemetery, Note the Washington Monument..  

I quickly walked and followed the signs to get to the JFK grave site.  First picture taken there of the "Eternal Flame". then Secretary of Defense Robert Mc Namara is said to personally have picked this location.  William Taft is the only other president buried in Arlington.

Another picture of the JFK gravesite, taken from the right side, while I was bumped by a person.

I finally nudged my way through the people to get a front view, enabling to take this picture of 35th President of the United States grave site.  I will later make a Dallas trip to the location of his assassination, see for myself and form my own opinion about what happened that day.  I've concluded the final fatal shot came from the grassy knoll, behind the fence.  It is amazing how much creditability is given to the flawed "so called scientific analysis attempting to disprove that", by the Discovery Channel etc. 

To the left of JFK, is his wife, 'Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy" headstone. She died May 19, 1994 of cancer at age 64. 

To the left of Jackie's headstone is her 2 day old son son Patrick's final resting place.  

Son, Patrick's headstone.   He was born August 7, 1963 at Otis Air Force Base 5 1/2 weeks premature weighing, 4 lb, 10 1/2 oz (2,112 g).  He was immediately transferred to Boston Children's Hospital, where he died two days later on August 9, 1963 of hayaline membrane disease or respiratory distress.


The JFK gravesite sits on a hill.  This picture was taken across the road looking at the Washington Monument.  

Another picture looking at Washington Monument in Washington, DC.  

"Arlington House"  Arlington House was the home of Robert E. Lee and his family for thirty years and is associated with the Washington and Custis families.

 The "Arlington House" flag is flown at half staff from a half hour before the first funeral of the day, until a half hour after the last funeral of the day..  The Cemetery conducts approximately 5,400 burials each year.

Bobby Kennedy's gravesite.  He died June 6, 1968 after being shot in the early hours of June 5, 1968, by 24 year old Sirhan Sirhan's 22 caliber pistol at the LA Ambassador Hotel, after winning the California Primary A lone headstone in this area, below the hill of the Arlington House,  which is on the right side of the roadway, while beginning to walk in the direction of the Tomb of Unknown Soldier, from the JFK site. 

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