Robert Kennedy's grave site, which has no other tombstones in the vicinity of his.  

I'll follow this sign to the site of the "Unknown Soldier".  

A view across the cemetery, with the Washington Monument partially obscured by the trees on the left.

Arriving at the Tomb of the "Unknown Soldier".  The Tomb was completed and opened to the public April 9, 1932.

The "Changing of the Guard" ceremony is about to begin.  The Tomb of the Unknowns is perpetually guarded by the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Regiment since April 6, 1948.

The crowd is asked to respect the solemnity of the ceremony.  

 This one of the more popular sites at the Cemetery, the Tomb is made from Yule marble quarried in Colorado. It consists of seven pieces, with a total weight of 79 short tons.  It cost $48K to construct. 

 The remains of Michael Blassie,  a former Vietnam War Unknown Soldier. were under the middle slab until 1998 when his remains were identified by DNA analysis.  He was re-interred near his family's home in St. Louis.

The "Changing of the Guard" is about to begin. 

The "Changing of the Guard" is about to begin. 

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